Episode #80: Interview with Sinéad Carroll

Social Media Talks Podcast interview with Sinéad Carroll.

On this week's show, we talk to Sinéad Carroll from Irish Blogger Agency about The Rise of Influencer Marketing in Ireland  . The Social Media Talks Podcast is created to help business owners who want to learn more about Social Media Marketing, presented by Alan Hennessy Head of Digital at Kompass Media

Sinéad Carroll Biography.

After a 15 year career in Banking and Finance, in 2015 I established one of Ireland’s first dedicated agencies for Digital Influencer Marketing.  Irish Blogger Agency is home to more than 500 bloggers, vloggers and social influencers. Irish Blogger Agency is a web platform that allows brands to collaborate with online influencers and social media content creators.

Since 2013 I  have been immersed in digital marketing and the blogging Industry running my own Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog and founder of the highly successful Blogger Network called Into The West Blogger Network in 2014.   I have seen first hand the power of influencers combined with the gap in the marketing for a dedicated Digital Influencer Agency and late 2015 Irish Blogger Agency was born.

Over the years I have implemented successful influencer marketing strategies and campaigns with a broad range of brands within the beauty, hospitality, retail, food, lifestyle and financial services industries.  Being nominated as a finalist in the Accenture Digital Media Awards 2016 in the category Best Brand / Company Using Digital and receiving an Award in 2017 for Outstanding Contribution to Irish Blogging by the Waverley Academy has been a few of my key highlights to date.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • What is Influencer Marketing
  • How to Become an Influencer
  • The Power of Micro Influencers
  • The Advantages of Engaging with Influencers
  • Creating Visibility For Your Brand with Influencer Marketing
  • Influencer Case Studies 

Listen to the full Podcast with Sinéad Carroll below.

Dinner Guest

Each week we ask our guest one question that is not related to the podcast, It helps us to gain a better understanding of the guest and some of their personal choices.

Sinéad if you could invite anyone to dinner past or present, who would it be and why?

Sinéad's answer to her dinner guest was Abraham Hicks


Quote from Sinéad Carroll.

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Links to Irish Blogger Agency.

Website: www.irishbloggeragency.com

Instagram: bloggeragentirl

Facebook: Irish Blogger Agency

Twitter: @bloggeragentIRL

YouTube: www.youtube.com/irishbloggeragency

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