Episode #71: Interview with D.Scott Smith

Social Media Talks Podcast interview with D.Scott Smith.

On this week's show, we talk to D.Scott Smith about How to Become a Motivational Listener. The Social Media Talks Podcast is created to help business owners who want to learn more about Social Media Marketing, presented by Alan Hennessy Head of Digital at Kompass Media

D.Scott Smith Biography.

D. Scott Smith is a collaborator sitting in the junction of strategy and execution. He is known as a Motivational Listener. Scott is a speaker, coach, and mentor who will inspire and motivate you. His company works with businesses and individuals across the county.
Scott is the author of two books: “Motivational Listener: Be Interesting by Being Interested. Practical Skills to Be Successful at Business Networking Events” and “Threnody: 19th Century Sensibility Proves People Have Not Changed”.
Prior to becoming a full-on entrepreneur,

Topics covered in this episode:

  • What is a Motivational Listener
  • Digital Relationships
  • Connecting with people
  • Building Trust When Networking
  • How to ask the right questions
  • Hello There Human

Listen to the full Podcast with D.Scott Smith below.

Links to D.Scott Smith:

Website: www.dscottsmith.co

Website: www.hellothehuman.com 

Facebook: D.Scott Smith

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/dscottsmith

Twitter: @d_scott 


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