Episode #29: Interview with Todd Giannattasio

Social Media Talks Podcast interview with Todd Giannattasio in this episode we talked about Turning Strangers into Customers 

A brief overview of Questions:

  • Where should we start with turning Strangers into Customers?
  • Creating your Buyer Personas?
  • How should you build your brand?
  • How to create a sequence with your Email List?
  • Personalise Your Email Replies?
  • Creating a Sales Funnel.
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Todd Giannattasio Biography


Todd is the founder of TheGrowthSuite.com and Tresnic Media. Both companies help entrepreneurs and marketers understand and execute the fundamentals of growth marketing that are too often overlooked in today's noisy world of new tools and hacks.

Using his proven systems, Todd is able to help companies build their brands, grow their email lists and generate leads, and drive sales. 

Todd Giannattasio Biography

The Interview

Question 1. Where should we start with turning Strangers into Customers?

Todd advice would be to always start with who your target customer is and reverse engineer around that, so know who you can target too and add the most value too. Think about all the questions they have when it comes to your business so for instance if it is cooking online what types of recipes would they be looking for or easy things to make for toddlers. So whatever you offer you want to think about your customer first and then start working backwards from where they are and create content that is going to connect with them and answer their questions. This will make them Know, Like and Trust you plus it will make the better customers for your business because when it comes time for them to back a purchase it will be seamless with your brand.  

The key takeaways are What do people need to know, What do they need to believe, What questions are they asking and What problems do they need solving, you can then start answering them on your Blog, Social Media and Videos. 


Todd Giannattasio


Question 2. Creating your Buyer Personas?

When it comes to Buyer personas you will have a number of different customers but the key is to talk to one at a time when you are creating messages. You may have four or five different personas and try to group your message all into one, that just does not work so try to create content that resonates with each persona.

Question 3. How should you build your brand?

You need to develop content that will help create a seamless signup strategy with your customers, the key to this is, you don't just want people to find your brand, you want to move them to the next stage and become a possible lead. How you do this is by creating a lead magnet like a free offer, typical a short PDF Guide or a template or possibly a webinar that you can get an Email signup from them which is how you create your Email List.

Question 4. How to create a sequence with your Email List?

There are a number of steps you need to take,
Step 1 Send a thank you message for signing up to your list.

Step 2 Send them an email a couple of days later with other value-added articles that they may be interested in. You then follow this process over the next 3, 5, 7 weeks in this time you have started to build a relationship with them. So when they are ready to make a buying decision it will become seamless to them to buy from you.

Question 4. Personalise Your Email Replies ?

A big mistake businesses make with emails is not personalising who they are coming from i.e. Todd@ or Alan@ which can offend and lead to people subscribing from your list. If people know there is a contact name rather than an info@ they are more likely to open your email and remain one of your subscribers.

Question 5. Creating a Sales Funnel.

Todd spoke about the elements and stages of a sales funnel from the start of connecting with them through to Social, Blog or providing content on your website onto Email Marketing and targeting them with marketing material through to the sales process and the conversion.


Here is the Link to Todd's Giveaway on the Podcast  http://thegrowthsuite.com/smtpodcast 

For more information about Todd Giannattasio visit his website www.thegrowthsuite.com 

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